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Hp Softpaq download Manager скачать

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HP SoftPaq Download Manager Utility REV:A

HP SoftPaq Download Manager provides a simple, powerful way to download software updates for HP business client PC models.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later

Added: Support for detecting SoftPaq Installation status.

1. Download the file by clicking the «Download» or «Obtain Software» button and saving the file to a folder on your hard drive (make a note of the folder where the downloaded file is saved).

2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.

Примечание: Ссылка «скачать» может вести как непосредственно на файл, так и на сайт производителя, на котором Вы можете найти нужный файл.

Это связано с тем, что некоторые производители не позволяют размещать прямые ссылки на файлы.

HP SoftPaq Download Manager (SDM)

HP SoftPaq Download Manager provides a simple, powerful way to download software updates for HP business client PC models.

  • Enables end users to select the SoftPaqs in the Downloaded SoftPaqs Window for further operations.
  • Enhances the Supersede option to allow the latest version of SoftPaqs to be selected in the download folder.
  • Enables BIOS and Firmware updates to be installed in the Check for Update mode.


  • Improvement to release infrastructure
  • Selecting supersede softpaqs is determined by comparing the downloaded softpaqs in the download folder.
  • Provides support for TLS (Transport Layer Security) versions 1.1 and 1.2.
  • Provides support for SSM (System Software Manager) version


  • Clear up the redundant options of Operation System in the configuration.
  • Supports the different versions of Windows 10.
  • Enables «Show Latest SoftPaqs» function in Show All Products and Build Driver Pack mode.
  • Fixed the issue that SDM cannot handle large SoftPaq more than 4GB.
  • Fixed the issue where SoftPaq unpack function didn’t work if the SoftPaq had been download.
  • Fixed the issue where the setting of «Check for newSoftPaq Catalog file» in configuration isn’t saved correctly.


  • List SoftPaqs for English if SDM can’t determine the system language.
  • Add command options /DISABLEBITS to disable BITS
  • SDM can still download files if BITS service is not available
  • Provide workaround in Build Driver Pack if softpaq CVA has additional /src in the INF_PATH
  • Ignore FIPS exception if the image enable FIPS policy


  • Apply BITS download for better performance and quality
  • Remove default OS setting in configuration
  • Encrypt proxy password in configuration
  • Download productcatalogupdate.xml with HTTPS protocol


  • Fixed an issue in v4.2.2 where SDM can’t be installed on virtual machine.


  • Use http download as the default protocol
  • Added /forceftp command
  • Added /autobuild command to build drive pack in auto mode
  • Added load catalog from a zip function
  • Support /autoinstall command with /splist
  • Update to SSM
  • Update to .NET framework 4.5
  • Update to CASL
  • Fixed an issue when http server return «Moved Permanently»
  • Fixed an issue that Clear All button is not available after using Find Model function
  • Remove the initial step of headline checking


  • Reorganize configuration
  • Add Wizard button for build driver pack
  • Add find model button in all product mode and build driver pack mode
  • Support customize ftp server for download catalog and softpaq
  • Support file share for download catalog and softpaq
  • Downloaded softpaq can be shown in build driver pack mode
  • Downloaded softpaq can be selected in build driver pack mode
  • Select softpaqs also take effect on downloaded softpaqs in build driver pack mode
  • Support supersede mode for auto selection
  • Add OS and Language default vaule
  • Disable tool update in auto report mode
  • Solve override_IgnoreToolUpdates can not save issue
  • Solve setting_DoNotAskUpdateAgain can not save issue
  • Support deleting softpaqs format in catalog
  • Solve /SPLIST command fail issue
  • Solve unpack directory inconsistency issue in configuration and explore Windows
  • Restore download path to default if the setting is invalid
  • Solve unpack directory inconsistency issue in configuration and explore Windows
  • Solve unpack directory inconsistency issue in configuration and explore Windows


  • Fix FTP download connectivity issue
  • Detect Windows 10
  • Build Driver Pack support Windows 10 new tag


  • Users can get better file download performance by setting the number of simultaneous downloads in the configuration menu.
  • Ability to update the catalog within the tool without to having to quit and restart.
  • Ability to disable auto-update of the catalog upon launch.
  • Add «Check for SDM updates» in Help menu.
  • Put the window of Checking Catalog update result in the front and close the processing windows after checking catalog version. (File -> Update Catalog Now)
  • Put the window of Check SDM update result in the front and close the processing windows after checking SDM update. (Help -> Check SDM updates)
  • Provide the number of Failed SoftPaq Download in the beginning of the readme file when building driver pack.
  • Update the warning message when select more than 4GB for building cab driver pack.
  • Display a dialog for the result after checking catalog update.
  • Display the total selected size in the status bar.
  • allow the end user to ignore auto-update.
  • Added SSM Version to the about screen of SDM.
  • A critical error message pop up when no softpaq can be included during Build Driver Pack.
  • Improve the response efficiency when listing All Available Softpaq.
  • Update SSM to the version
  • Output format for Driver Packs to add ISO format.
  • Output format for Driver Packs to add WIM format.
  • Driver Pack Builder log SoftPaq EXE/CVA download failures in the README.TXT.
  • Driver Pack Builder provide rejection reason in the README.TXT.
  • SDM won’t download the SoftPaq if it finds the SoftPaq is not DPB-compliant in Build Driver Pack mode.
  • The reason is provided in the log if a Softpaq was rejected in Build Driver Pack mode.


  • Fixed problem with Driver Pack Build staging and unpack that was introduced when WiX unpacking was implemented.
  • Added an «Install» right-click menu option to the Install Summary form.
  • Now, Ctrl-Shift-C toggles the SDM catalog from being updated.
  • Now, Ctrl-Shift-R restarts the application at the point where the catalog is loaded.
  • Now, Ctrl-Shift-N lists the active override settings and prompts the user if the override file should be deleted if there are active override settings.


  • Now, in Norwegian, the correct Help Guide will be displayed.
  • Fixed the problem with unhiding non-hidden SoftPaqs from the ‘No Action Needed’ list view in Update mode.
  • Fixed problem with exception being thrown in routine CreateHiddenSoftPaqsDatabase() if the table already existed.
  • Verify SoftPaq Status feature now saves a dated copy os the status.
  • Fixed problem with Driver Pack Build when the DPBPath is the «period» directory where nothing would be extracted.


  • Added a check in the Proxy Options to ensure that the proxy server and port are entered correctly.
  • Updated help documentation with the new Driver Pack Builder features.
  • SDM forum link in the help documentation also was updated.
  • Help in English was updated to add Build Driver Pack help.
  • Fixed problem where the Driver Pack would hang if DPB output directory did not exist. This was fixed by disallowing to be typed in and by adding a check that the directory exists before compressing.
  • Added capability to change the output directory.
  • Now, the CASL version and CASL file version are retrieved and recorded in the SDM log.
  • Fixed problem with launching the Help file in pt-BR, pt-PT, zh-CHS and zh-TW.
  • Now, unpacking during Driver Pack Build mode extracts only DPB directories instead of the entire SoftPaq.
  • Added localization strings for Chinese (Hong Kong).
  • Fixed problem where a CVA download failure reports as if it was downloaded and included in the driver pack.
  • Fixed tab stops on the Build Driver Pack Setup dialog box.
  • Changed element tag to in Driver Pack Builder manifest XML file.
  • Changed element tag to in Driver Pack Builder manifest XML file.
  • Changed the value of the xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation reference in the XSD file from DriverPackManifest.xsd to HPDriverPackManifest.xsd.
  • Changed the filenames of the generated files for SCCM from DriverPackManifest.xsd to HPDriverPackManifest.xsd and DriverPackManifest.xml to HPDriverPackManifest.xml.
  • Added capability to generate a CAB file in Driver Pack mode.
  • Added capability to find a model in All Product mode by pressing Ctrl-Shift-M.
  • Added capability to hide and unhide SoftPaqs in Update mode.



  • Fixed problem with auto download and install that was introduced with the build driver pack feature.
  • Fixed problem with SDM displaying a dialog saying that it required Administrator rights with UAC turned on.

Использование программы SoftPaq Download Manager

HP SoftPaq Download Manager (SDM) — это средство, предоставляющее быстрый доступ к

информации SoftPaq для бизнес-компьютеров HP без запроса номера SoftPaq. С помощью

этого средства можно легко находить, загружать и распаковывать пакеты SoftPaq.

При работе SoftPaq Download Manager выполняется чтение и загрузка файла базы данных,

опубликованного на FTP-сервере HP, содержащего модель компьютера и информацию

SoftPaq. SoftPaq Download Manager позволяет указать одну или несколько моделей

компьютеров, чтобы определить доступные для загрузки пакеты SoftPaq.

SoftPaq Download Manager проверяет FTP-сервер HP на наличие обновлений базы данных и

программного обеспечения. Если обновления найдены, они будут загружены и применены

Программа SoftPaq Download Manager доступна на веб-сайте HP. Чтобы использовать SoftPaq

Download Manager для загрузки пакетов SoftPaq, сначала необходимо загрузить и установить

эту программу. Перейдите на веб-сайт HP по адресу

инструкциям для загрузки и установки программы SoftPaq Download Manager.

Для загрузки пакетов SoftPaq выполните следующие действия.

Коснитесь Пуск, Все программы, HP, затем коснитесь HP SoftPaq Download Manager.

При первом запуске программы SoftPaq Download Manager будет показано окно с

запросом на отображение программного обеспечения только для используемого

компьютера или для всех поддерживаемых моделей. Коснитесь Показать программное

обеспечение для всех поддерживаемых моделей. Если вы ранее использовали HP

SoftPaq Download Manager, переходите к пункту 3.

В окне «Параметры конфигурации» выберите используемую операционную систему и

фильтры языка. Фильтры ограничивают количество элементов, доступных на панели

«Каталог продукции». Например, если в фильтре операционной системы выбрана

Windows 7 Профессиональная, на панели «Каталог продукции» будет показана

только эта операционная система.

Чтобы добавить другие операционные системы, измените параметры фильтра в окне

«Параметры конфигурации». Дополнительные сведения см. в справке программы HP

SoftPaq Download Manager.

На левой панели коснитесь значка «плюс» (+), чтобы раскрыть список моделей, а затем

выберите модель или модели продуктов для обновления.

Коснитесь Найти доступные пакеты SoftPaq для загрузки списка пакетов SoftPaq,

доступных для выбранного планшета.

Выберите в списке необходимые пакеты SoftPaq. Если для загрузки выбрано много

пакетов SoftPaq, коснитесь Только загрузить, так как количество выбранных пакетов

SoftPaq и скорость подключения к Интернету определяют продолжительность процесса

Если необходимо загрузить только один или два пакета SoftPaq и имеется

высокоскоростное подключение к Интернету, коснитесь Загрузить и распаковать.

Чтобы установить на планшете выбранные пакеты SoftPaq, коснитесь и удерживайте

Установить пакет SoftPaq в программе SoftPaq Download Manager.

Использование программы SoftPaq Download Manager

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