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Прошивка Soundmax Sm Cmd5001

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Summary of Contents for SoundMax SM-CMD5001

SM-CMD5001 2 DIN DVD/CD/MP3 RECEIVER with built-in 7” TFT display and TV Instruction manual 2 DIN DVD/CD/MP3- 7” TFT-.

Page 2: Table Of Contents

Dear customer! Thank you for purchasing our product. For safety, it is strongly recommended to read this manual carefully before connecting, operating and/or adjusting the product and keep the manual for reference in the future. Table of contents Table of contents . 2 Important safeguards .

Page 3: Important Safeguards

Important safeguards Read carefully through the manual to familiarize yourselves with this unit. Keep this manual handy as a reference for operating procedures and precautions. Do not allow persons who have not read through this manual to use this unit. “CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT”.

Page 4: Accessories

Make sure you disconnect the power supply if the system appears to be working incorrectly, is making an unusual sound, has a strange smell, has smoke emitting from it or liquids have got inside it. Let a qualified technician check the system. Always keep the volume low enough so that you can hear sounds from outside the vehicle.

Page 5: Installation/connection

Installation/connection Installation method 1: DIN Front-mount 1. Insert the 2. Bend these claws 3. Push in the unit and 4. To support the unit, fix the mounting sleeve outward for a tight fit, install the outer trim ring rear of the unit using the rear into the dashboard.

Detach the unit 1. Take out the outer trim ring. 2. Insert the keys supplied to the unit at both sides of the unit (as illustrated) until they click. Pulling the keys makes it possible to remove the unit from the dashboard.

Using the ISO Connector 1. If your car is equipped with the ISO connector, then connect the ISO connectors as illustrated. 2. For connections without the ISO connectors, check the wiring in the vehicle carefully before connecting, incorrect connection may cause serious damage to this unit.

Parking wire connection If Parking cable is connected to hand brake switch, the video display of the TFT monitor will be controlled by driving status, system setup and input video sources. When the car is moving ahead, if the video disc is played, the screen shows “Attention! You cannot use this function while driving”, and blank screen.

Page 10: Unit Controls

Unit controls Front panel 1. VOL+/- buttons 2. PWR/SRC button 3. MENU/SEL button 4. TFT display 5. MUTE/- button 6. BAND/+ button 7. REL button 8. IR sensor 9. RES button (reset hole) Inner panel 1. Eject button 2. Memory card slot 3.

Remote controller (RC) 1. AF/EQ button 2. PWR/SOURCE button 3. GOTO button 4. BAND/TITLE button 5. AMS/MENU button 6. LOC/SUB-T button 7. ST/AUDIO button 8. PTY/ANGLE button 9. OSD button 10. ZOOM button 11. SLOW button 12. P/N button 13. PROG button 14.

Changing the battery 1. Press the catch and at the same time pull out the battery tray (pic. 1). 2. Insert the 1 lithium battery, type CR2025 (3V) battery with the stamped (+) mark facing upward. Insert the battery tray into the remote controller (pic.2).

Page 13: General Operations

General operations Touch screen Due to the touch screen, you can fulfill most functions not only by pressing buttons but also by touching the options you need. Reset the unit Operating the unit for the first time or after replacing the car battery, you must reset the unit. Press RES button on the unit with a pointed object (such as a ballpoint pen) to set the unit to initial state.

Volume control Press VOL+/VOL- button on the RC or +/- on the unit to increase/decrease the sound level. Setting the sound characteristics Repeatedly press SEL button on the RC or MENU/SEL button on the unit to select the desired parameter in the following order: VOL =>.

Page 15: System Setup

System setup When the unit is on, the Main menu will be displayed. Press SETUP button on the RC or press and hold MENU/SEL button on the unit, or touch SET item on the monitor to enter the System setup menu. System setup menu includes VIDEO, AUDIO, SOURCE and SYSTEM items.

System adjust In this menu you can adjust a number of general system operation parameters. Touch an item on the screen to get the option menu, and then select the needed option by touching it on the screen. Touch arrow buttons at the right side of the screen to display the next or previous menu page.

Page 17: Radio Operations

Radio operations User interface of Radio mode When the unit is switched to Radio mode, the following touchable user interface will be displayed on the display: 1. Band indicator. Shows which band the radio is tuned to. 2. AMS button. Briefly touch to scan the current station. Touch and hold to tune automatically.

Local/distant selector In radio mode, press LOC/SUB-T button on the RC to select strong or weak station reception. LOC appears on the display and only local stations are available. When you turn it off both distance and local stations can be received.

Goto FREQ Press GOTO button, and the monitor shows FREQ. Then press number buttons to input the needed frequency. The unit will go to the input frequency. Note: this function is only available when GOTO FREQ is set to ON in System adjustment menu. RDS background RDS service availability varies with areas.

TA (Traffic alarm) function Briefly press TA/LOUD button to activate the traffic alarm function. When AF is on, the TA displays on TFT, or else, if there is no TP information, the mode will search TP station automatically. The TA is green when it is played by a station, if not, it is yellow. When TA is playing, the volume will be adjusted to a TA level automatically.

Page 21: Tv-tuner Operations

TV-tuner operations TV touch screen menu When you select TV mode, following touchable User Interface will be displayed: 1. Preset station number. 2. Digit buttons. To select a channel numbered 1 to 9, touch the number on the monitor to select. Press — at first, then press the corresponding number button to select a channel number more than 10.

Page 22: Aux Operations

Frequency searching Press REWIND/FORWARD buttons on the RC to select the frequency upwards and downwards step by step. Press and hold the button for automatic search of channels. Seek channels automatically Press AMS/MENU button on the RC to seek stations automatically. AUX operations When AUX mode is selected, following User Interface will be displayed.

Page 23: Disc/usb/sd Operations

Disc/USB/SD operations Insert/eject disc Press REL button on the panel or EJECT button on the RC to open the front panel. Insert a disc into the slot. The unit will automatically switch into DVD mode. After loading, its playback will start automatically. Open the front panel and press EJECT button to eject the disc.

Touch screen operations with CD/MP3/USB/SD While playing a file contained on a CD/MP3/USB/SD, the touch screen has following areas and buttons enabling to perform various playback operations: 1. Disc/File type indicator (not operable) 2. File list. Touch the needed file to start its playback 3.

For correct and satisfactory operation, licensed SD/MMC memory cards of famous brands should be used with this unit. Avoid using memory cards of unknown brands. Capacity: up to 4 Gb. Selecting tracks For DVD/MP3: Press PREVIOUS/NEXT buttons on the RC to skip to the previous or next chapter. For VCD/CD: Press PREVIOUS button on the RC to skip to the beginning of the current chapter.

Slow playback Press repeatedly SLOW button on the RC for slow forward or backward playback in the following order: For DVD: 1/2 forward => 1/4 forward => 1/8 forward => 1/2 backward => 1/4 backward => 1/8 backward => Normal. For VCD: 1/2 forward =>.

Audio language Press ST/AUDIO button repeatedly to switch between available audio languages (for DVD) or audio channels (for VCD) during playback. Subtitle language Press repeatedly LOC/SUB-T button during playback to switch between subtitle languages. This function is only valid with DVDs featuring multi-subtitle recordings. Playback programming Press PROG button to display the program menu.

Page 28: Dvd Setup Menu

DVD Setup menu 1. Press SETUP button on the RC to enter the setup menu. 2. Use LEFT/RIGHT cursor buttons to choose the setup page: General page, Dolby Digital setup, Preference page, Exit. 3. Press DOWN cursor button to enter the setup page selected. 4.

If the Screen saver is set On and the unit is switched on without a disc playing for 3 minutes, a moving picture appears on the TFT. Dolby digital setup DUAL MONO Choose the mode of the audio output: Stereo: choose this setting, when 5.1-channel sound playing, two channels of signals will be output from the left and right soundtrack;.

PARENTAL The control level is for parental to control playing content and protect your children from violence and erotic. The disc, the level of which is higher than the setting level can not be played. Set the control level: (1) with the least limits when playing. (8) with the most limits when playing.

Page 31: Handling And Cleaning Discs

Handling and cleaning discs Dirty, scratched or warped discs may cause skip ping or noise. Handle the disc only by the edges. To keep clean do not touch its surface. Discs should be stored in their cases after use to avoid scratches. Do not expose discs to direct sunlight, high humidity, high temperature or dust.

Page 32: Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting guide Below is a table describing simple measures that can help you eliminate most problems likely to emerge when this unit is in use. If below measures do not help, turn to a service center or to the nearest dealer. Symptom Cause Solution.

defective. Temperature inside the car is too high. Cool off until the ambient temperature returns to normal. Buttons do not The built-in microcomputer is not Reset the unit with the help of RESET button. work operating properly. Front panel is not properly fix into its Install the front panel properly.

Page 34: Specification

Specification General Power supply: 14 V DC Maximum power output: 4 x 50 W Compatible disk types: DVD/DVD±R/DVD±RW/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/USB/SD/MMC Compatible formats: DVD/SVCD/VCD/HDCD/MP3/WMA/CDDA/Picture-CD/JPEG/MPEG4(DivX) Dimensions/weight: D x W x H: 170 x 178 x 100 mm / 3.4 kg ESP function: 40 sec. for Audio CD, 120 sec. for MP3 TFT display Screen size: 7 inches.

. 35 . 36 . 37 . 38 . 43 . 46 . 49 . 52 . 56 AUX. 57 /USB- . 58 DVD . 64 . 68 . 69 . 71.

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